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Enough is Enough Section III The Secret 2 My Success Homecoming Epilogue: Eric Thomas A Message From the Author Publisher's Page Booking Eric. From homeless high school dropout to one of the most sought after motivational speakers in the country, Eric Thomas has truly found the Secret 2 Success. Eric Thomas' 10 Rules for Success . Failure provides an opportunity for future growth and success. or YouTube Eric Thomas – Secrets to Success Pt 1.

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Eric Thomas The Secret To Success Pdf

PDF | On Jan 10, , Ananda Amelia and others published DOWNLOAD PDF The Secret to Success by Eric Thomas. Read "The Secret to Success" by Eric Thomas available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first download. From homeless high school. The Secret to Success - Kindle edition by Eric Thomas. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks .

We will look at who Eric Thomas is and who Les Brown is. We will then move on to their autobiography in order to help you understand their lives and the journey they have travelled to achieve the success they currently have. They have literary moved from the very bottom of the society to the top. You will be surprised at the many similarities that these two amazing men have which we are going to tackle. Once again, thank you for downloading this book. I hope you find it useful! Chapter 1: Who is Eric Thomas? It is almost impossible to mention motivational speaking without thinking of Eric Thomas.

He started believing in himself even before making other steps to improve is life. As important as it is to believe in yourself and proceed to write your dreams down, that is not enough to achieve them. Thomas knows that it is not enough to simply say that you want to be successful, you need to act. There are times when he felt discouraged when pursuing his degree and wondered why he was not achieving what he wanted after putting in an effort for several years but he continued to show up.

He says that it is important to make use of each moment you have. He has made a name for himself in the business and professional circles and he is the man to hire when you are looking to expand your opportunities. He deals with Fortune CEOs, non-profit organizations, Prison inmates, small business owners, automobile workers, and leaders from all walks of life.

Les Brown is quite knowledgeable on the science of achievement since it is something he has not only studied for three decades but has mastered it as a result of the numerous interviews he has held with successful business leaders. He has spent a lot of time with Les Brown is also an author and a television personality.

He is the voice that tells people they need to stop living a life of mediocrity and explore their full potential and this is what made the masses know who Les Brown is. This is something that he has learned to do in his own life and he urges others to do the same to ensure that we all live up to our greatness. My mother gave birth to us on an abandoned building located somewhere in Liberty City. My mother was married to a soldier who worked overseas but she got pregnant by another man and so she decided to secretly travel to Miami and give birth to us.

She gave us away when we were three weeks old. When we were six weeks old, we were adopted by a woman named Mamie brown who was a cafeteria cook. She was unmarried and with a very big heart and she took good care of us. My adopted mother deserves credit for everything that I have accomplished today.

She had such strength and character which always inspired me to do great things. She believed that I would do great things. When I was young, I found it difficult to concentrate in class particularly in reading due to the fact that I was very restless and inactive and liked to have fun. Being labeled a slow learner was tough and the stigma associated with it greatly affected my self-esteem. It actually took me years to overcome the damage done by the label and the stigma.

I accepted and acted slow since my teachers had said that I was. Encouraged by my teacher When I was pursuing my high school education at Booker T. Washington High School, my speech and drama instructor by the name LeRoy Washington made me realize that I had to fight for my dreams. I even went as far as writing on paper that I was the greatest orator in the world.

Washington did not like my response and warned me never to say that again. These words were so powerful and they helped me break out of the label that I had been given. He proceeded to say that the world will give me limitations and negative things but the things that empower me originate from within me.

Lots of self education High school was the highest form of formal education that I attained. However, I was determined to learn more and so I started on the path of self-education. I knew that persistence and determination would help me achieve what I wanted and so I continued on this journey and it enabled me to give my opinions, observations and findings on human potential. I had a great passion for learning and a hunger to know more and this is what took me from stage in life to another.

Career and jobs After high school, I did a couple of jobs. I was a city sanitation worker but this was the first time I felt motivated to pursue what I wanted. I therefore fought to get into radio broadcasting since I had grown up fascinated by patter produced by disc jockeys. I was given odd jobs to perform at the radio station. I had literally bugged the owner until he found me something to do.

I wanted to become a DJ and so learnt what I needed to while working at the radio station. An opportunity arose one day when the disc jockey in charge was drunk while on air and there was no one else at the station besides myself.

I then took the microphone and helped him out. The owner of the station was impressed by my work and he promoted me to a part-time disc jockey and later on to a full-time one. I continued working my way up and was later made a broadcast manager. This widened my world and opened me up to new opportunities. I became more socially conscious and turned into an activist. I would urge my listeners to take political action to create change.

The Secret to Success by Eric Thomas

We later worked together on my motivational tours and programs where he would oversee things. I considered him to be a master communicator due to the fact that he was able to move audiences. To me, he was an international figure. However, he was later fired as his superiors thought he was too controversial.

I won the seat representing the 29th House District.

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I got more legislation during my initial year compared all the freshmen who have ever represented Ohio legislative. The Human Resources Committee appointed me as their chair during my third term.

However, I had to leave all this in and go back to Florida to take care of my mother. I continue to address social issues when I was in Florida and came up with a youth career training program. In addition to that, I organized community meetings to address the issue of social injustice. I faced a lot of controversies and the attorney general of Dade Country state launched an investigation into how I was handling the youth program.

I openly welcomed any inquiry they had and the case was finally dropped after a year due to lack of any improprieties. I believe all that was motivated by jealousy. By then, I had a large following and some people felt threatened by me.

Williams continued to encourage me and I also happened to meet Zig Ziglar, the motivational speaker. I got into the motivational world in the mids with almost nothing. I had just moved to Detroit with only my clothes and one of my motivational speeches tapes. I managed to get an office which I shared with an attorney.

I slept on the cold floor without a blanket and that is how I wanted it in order to motivate me to get what I wanted. Excelling in motivational speaking I wanted to have as much information as possible on public speaking and so I read lots of books and studied how established speakers carried themselves.

I started by speaking to grade school students before moving to the high school students.

The Secret to Success

From there, I expanded into clubs and organizations. Actually, no African American had ever won this award before. Although I greatly appreciated the awards I won, I continued with my work because my goal was to inspire people to go after their goals and not simply win awards. I was able to reach a wider audience in when I made my first recording during motivational speech presentations organized by the Public Broadcasting Service PBS-TV.

It also has written exercises on various areas of life and it tackles issues like inattentiveness, fear and laziness among others. I loved the opportunity of airing my philosophies on television and meeting some of the wildest audiences ever.

I would like to use television to empower people in a way that has never been done before. I started doing public speaking fully in and started my own company known as Les Brown Unlimited, Inc. During this time, I was broke and could spend the night on the floor of my office.

This company deals with provision of motivational tapes and materials. It supplies these materials to individuals, companies, and organizations interested in motivational messages or programs developed for their staff.

This recording later won a Chicago Emmy Award and went on to become among the top fund-raising programs dealing with PBS stations across the country. No one understands how to stimulate human potential like I do. My approach consists of powerful delivery and great insights which enable me to inspire people to achieve greater levels of success.

My mission is to send a message to people that will make them uncomfortable with being mediocre so they can strive for bigger things. I want to act as a catalyst to help them realize that they can achieve more. Les Brown Unlimited, Inc. The tenderness, wit and well being that existed in our society have greatly diminished and I hope to bring them back through my message. I think that many people identify with my message because I talk about what I have personally gone through too.

Therefore, I am able to provide a theoretical prescription of it. Personal life I got married to Gladys Knight on August 29, The ceremony took place in Las Vegas, Nevada during a ceremony attended by close friends and family. Gladys is a soul singer and both of us had been married before. Between the two of us, we had been blessed with ten children and seven grandchildren. I decided to quit in to focus on my speaking career.

In addition to that, I had been diagnosed with prostate cancer and I was to undergo treatments. This was also the same time that I announced our divorce. However, Knight and I continued to be friends. I thought that training future public speakers was a great way of extending the motivational field to the minorities and this is something I do too.

There are some principles that he has applied all through that have helped him achieve his current level of success. These are some of the success lessons we can learn from Les Brown. It is important to know your strengths and to know the things that you are not good at and will never excel in.

The most important thing he says you should be aware of are the things which only you have the capacity to do. This is why Les Brown created a website for this purpose and its number of subscribers has gone beyond , This will help you pursue them relentlessly.

Therefore, you need to put the top three goals you want to accomplish somewhere you can see them on a daily basis. Goals help you channel your energy into action. Stretch yourself Changing your life begins with changing your way of thinking and this is something that Brown strongly believes in. You might say you would like to pursue something but you are too old or too short or not qualified and so on. He goes on to say that someone somewhere will do whatever it is you are making up excuses not to do now so you better get started.

Land on your knock Brown has this to say on what to do when life knocks you down. Because if you can look up, you can get up. Let your reason get you back-up. It is important to know that you still have the ability to get up try one more time. Therefore, remember to look up when you fall down. Change Les Brown says that he has many quotes and messages to inspire people. You need to make a decision to maximize your potential.

It is not enough to simply be good when you can actually be great.

Self Mastery Les Brown says that we must always strive to achieve self-mastery. According to him, you should never be satisfied with yourself. Working on yourself should be a continuous process.

This is why you need to put in the time and effort to get the desired results. Stop settling The reality is that most people settle in life. You need to ask yourself the latest thing you settled for. Settling always means ending up with something less than what you deserve. There is no way you can give something your best if you are not in good health.

This is why you need to come up with a health plan that you are able to stick to. Have energy and passion for life We cannot be in a good mood all the time due to the many challenges of life some of which are out of our control. However, you can consciously decide to be lively and it will work in your favor. Do whatever helps to lift your spirit whether it is singing, going out, spending time with loved ones and so on.

You will be in a better frame of mind to relentlessly pursue your dreams. Monitor your inner conversations It is important to be careful of the conversations you have within you because they can determine what you believe and eventually become. When you watch what you say they you take charge and are in control of your life. Your inner voice will tell you that you are tired when you are thinking of doing something or it will try to scare into not doing it. Therefore, you need to be able to stand up to this negative voice and tell it that you are going ahead with your plans.

Brown says that the biggest challenge you will ever have in life is with you. Know your reasons for doing it According to Les Brown, you should always know your reason for doing something. You can overcome this by writing down five reasons to justify why you deserve whatever you are pursuing.

When you establish the value it will bring to your life then you will be more motivated to go after it. When you find yourself engaging in negative conversations then you can simply read your reasons out loud and they will act as your strength to go on.

The main thing is that you need to constantly work on yourself. Listen to tapes that uplift you, have positive self-talk, read motivational books and interact with people who will take you closer to your goals. You would be surprised at the similarities between these two great men. They are alike in so many ways apart from the fact that they are both amazing motivational speakers.

Both Eric Thomas and Les Brown have had academic struggles. It took Thomas 12 years to get his Bachelors degree yet this is something that takes most people between years. Thomas and Brown lacked father figures in their lives while growing up. Eric Thomas and Les Brown faced issues while growing up. Brown on the other hand suffered from self-esteem issues as a result of being labeled a slow learner by his teachers.

It took both of these men several years to achieve the success they enjoy today. Thomas became homeless and went back to school for years before finally becoming a successful motivational speaker. After completing his high school education, Brown had to do numerous jobs such as being a DJ, a politician, a city sanitation worker and so on before achieving success in the field of motivational speaking.

Both of these men are authors. Eric Thomas and Les Brown had people who said the right things to them at the right moment which made them decide to explore their full potential. For Thomas, it was the preacher who told him when he was 17 years old that he had an untapped gift that could save lives.

This made him resolve to go back to school and pursue his dreams because he knew that his success would help many people. This statement was so powerful to an extent that it made him believe in himself and not see himself as a slow learner the way he had been doing all along. These men believe in giving back to the society. Eric Thomas and Les Brown believe in repairing our broken society.

Hopefully, more fathers will understand this and it may lower the number of children growing up without fathers. Brown provides training to those who would like to get into motivational speaking in order to reach as many people as possible and get them to explore their full potential.

Both of these men are great at their jobs and they have gotten recognition for that. Eric Thomas was a finalist at the audible. Eric Thomas and Les Brown use their personal life experiences to motivate people. These men have several books they have written, videos, interviews and talks they have given which are all meant to inspire people to achieve greatness.

However, they dig into their own experiences and share what has worked for them and what they have discovered actually works through the journey they have travelled. They have made their lives open books in order to help others overcome the challenges they have and accomplish their goals. Chapter Differences between Eric Thomas and Les Brown Eric Thomas stumbled on the opportunity to become a motivational speaker while Les Brown wanted to be one and purposely pursued it.

Thomas felt like sharing his life story over the internet and it naturally inspired people. He continued uploading videos on You Tube and other social networks and people started getting in touch him so he could share such inspiring messages with them. Les Brown dreamt of speaking in front of a large crowd when he was still in high school. When he met the successful motivational speaker, Zig Ziglar, he was intrigued and wanted to become one too.

That is how he got into motivational speaking. Thomas and Brown use different approaches for their motivational talks. I took a sneak peek by only downloading the free excerpt. I was immediately hooked and bought it! His language is vivid and intense as he steps you through the many stages of his life experiences.

I could not stop reading it. He made me laugh, cry, and praise God for my blessings.

the secret to success eric thomas pdf

My 12 year old, who is not a reading enthusiast, began to read the book and could put it down. He loves Eric's use of imagery, language, and humor.

My husband and 15 year old son are anxiously awaiting their turn to read it next. I've had the pleasure of hearing Eric speak over a decade ago, and I'm so proud and happy to see just how God has "enlarged his territory! Publisher Description.

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