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PDF Drive is your search engine for PDF files. Page 1 Page 2 Essential English Words 6 Page 3 Essential English Words 6 Paul. Paul Nation. Author Paul Nation Paul Nation is professor of Applied Linguistics in the School of Linguistics and Applied Language Studies at Victoria University of Wellington, . Paul Nation is the author of Essential English Words, Book 1 with Answer Key ( avg rating, 13 ratings, 1 review, published ), Essential.

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4000 Essential English Words Pdf Paul Nation

Essential English Words 6. Paul Nation Compass Publishing All rights reserved. No part of this book nay be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system. Essential English Words 1 Full - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File Paul. Nation. Essential En glish W ords 1. ehirimatom.gaspub. Este mazo está adaptado por el profesor Severino Santamaría, actualmente destinado en el Centre Públic de Formació de Persones Adultes.

The series presents a variety of words that cover a large percentage of the words that can be found in many spoken or written texts. Thus, after mastering these target words, learners will be able to fully understand vocabulary items when they encounter them in written and spoken form. Each unit presents 20 words which are defined and used in sample sentences. The activities in the books are designed to present the words in different uses so that learners can fully see how they can be utilized. Each level properly prepares the learner for the next which progressively challenges the learner with more sophisticated vocabulary and stories. Key features include: 1 Clear, easy to understand definitions and examples; 2 Various activities to reinforce target vocabulary; 3 Progressive development of vocabulary across levels; 4 Original stories which utilize target words; 5 Useful color images that illustrate each target word; and 6 Free downloadable supplemental audio recordings of target word lists and stories to aid in listening and pronunciation. Together with some other authors, his position emphasizes having a balance of learning opportunities with study time devoted equally to each of: input from reading and listening, output through writing and speaking, study of grammar and vocabulary, and practice for fluency.

Learners will have many chances to encounter or use them in their studies. As a whole, these books cover a large proportion of the words in any spoken or written text. About the Books The activities in these books are specially designed to make use of important learning conditions.

The words are introduced using sentence definitions and an example sentence. The activities that follow in the units encourage learners to recall the meanings and forms of the words. Some activities also make the learners think about the meaning of the words in the context of a sentence -- a sentence which differs from the sentences that occured in the introduction of the words.

Moreover, each unit ends with a story containing the target words. While reading the story, the learners have a chance to recall the meanings of the words and adapt them to the context of the story. Such activities help learners develop a better understanding of a common meaning for a given word that fits the different uses. Images for each target word help learners visualize the wird as it is used in the example sentence.

These word-image associations help students grasp the meaning of the word as well as recall the word later. Exercise 3 Write C if the italicized word is used correctly. Everyone loved to hug and kiss the vicious baby. Write I if the word is used incorrectly. The delicate flower was a jagged addition to the arrangement.

Derrick bought a skeletal from that new clothing store downtown. The dubious chocolate ice cream is a favorite treat at the restaurant. The small fights and arguments eventually led to an outright war.

Children cheered as the circus clown attained balloons into different shapes. At the factory. She bought a cute new ego from the pet store today.

He filled the ugly holes in the ceiling with plaster. The alarm clock was set to endeavor every morning at seven A. Although they were rivals.

Preparing for the difficult test was an arduous task for the nervous students. When the glass vase fell to the floor. I cannot conceive the reason why he would act in such a mean way. The elephant is one of the largest terrestrial animals still in existence. The concerned owner built a fence along the periphery of the parking lot. Experts excavated the site in hopes of finding an ancient city buried underneath.

I hope she is able to engrave all of her homework before school tomorrow. They decided to end their feud and become friends. Tim thought he was the best fossil hunter. Such an endeavor would be too arduous. When they were finished.

And to keep the bones together. He replied. They were the very best at finding dinosaur bones. Tim was searching for fossils on the periphery of the city when he discovered a huge bone. Tim and Dean found out that they could work very well together. He needed help. He tried to think of people who would be capable of helping him remove the skeleton without breaking it.

Tim found him and said. He had never seen anything like it! He took his shovel and carefully excavated the dirt around it. They engraved their initials into it and gave it to the curator of a local museum.

Although Tim and Dean were quite similar. He realized that he had found an entire dinosaur skeleton! The two men got into vicious arguments all the time. By combining their talents. Tim ran into the city to find Dean. As he dug. One day.

The Fossil Hunters Tim and Dean were great fossil hunters. The only person Tim could think of was Dean. Will you please help me? They worked together to carefully remove each bone. Mmnrwcmr e h e n s i o n Mark each statement T for true or F for false. Tim and Dean were outright enemies who got into vicious arguments. When Tim excavated the land. Tim and Dean removed the jagged bones and used elastic to attain them. What was Tim doing on the periphery of the city? What did the fossil hunters do to the plaster mold before they gave it to the curator?

What did Tim use his shovel to do? An aristocrat is a person who is of the highest class in certain societies. Attire is nice or special clothing. Anemia is a blood condition that causes a person to be pale and tired. If something is feminine.

The aristocracy is the highest class of people in certain societies. If something or someone is absurd. An excess is an amount of something that is more than needed or wanted.

A hallmark is a unique characteristic of something. To enlarge something means to make it bigger. A craze is a brief and popular activity or object. A strap is a thin long piece of fabric used to fasten. Rouge is a red powder or cream used as makeup on the cheeks or lips. A tangle is something or many things twisted together. To vie for something means to compete against others for it.

If something is predominant. If something or someone is vulgar. To signify means to be a symbol of something. A pad is a thick piece of soft material used to protect or clean things. If someone or something is reputable. The soft materials in his helmet will protect him if he should fall and strike his head on an object.

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I broke the long piece of fabric that goes over my shoulder on my purse. You must wear proper clothing if you plan on attending the formal dance. He works for a well-respected firm downtown. Exercise 1 Choose the one that is similar in meaning to the given word. It was easy to get lost in the big house.

Its many hallways made it seem like a craze We all felt that the new office rules were completely absurd. Exercise 4 Write Cif the italicized word is used correctly. It is also quite vulgar.. The local vanity asked people to give old clothing and money After putting on too much rouge.. Exercise 3 mm Fill in the blanks with the correct words from the word bank.. Talking to people with food in your mouth is not only gross.. A strong smell is the hallmark of a good cheese Everyone may attend excess those who have not finished their assignment Losing your memory as you get older is called anemia.

The bushes were tangled with vine Because he was an aristocrat Dressed to Excess If you traveled back in time to the s in Europe. Reputable men wore wigs of long curly hair. These ladies could barely breathe and often fainted. On the other extreme. In order to look paler. Ladies even used pads to enlarge the appearance of their hips and shoulders. They were often three times larger than the wearer.

They were made from the finest of fabrics and decorated with jewels and lace. Both men and women spent huge amounts of money and time on how they looked. One could not simply be pale. The men vied with one another to see who wore the more expensive clothes. The columns of hair were a ridiculous tangle of wigs. Though such vanity would seem vulgar today. Today it would probably seem very feminine.

Their clothes were brightly colored. The hairstyles. Their shoes had large soles or high heels so that they could walk high above the filth on the streets.

Pale skin was also a craze. Ladies used pads to enlarge their hips and shoulders. What craze was done in such excess that women had to look like they had anemia? What did the clothing of an aristocrat signify? Only the ladies wore lipstick and rouge. When reputable men vied with each other. Mark each statement T for true or F for false. If something is civic. If food is gourmet.

Paul Nation (Author of Essential English Words, Book 1 with Answer Key)

A chunk is a thick. If something happens hence. It is useful simply because society says it is. To dissatisfy someone means to fail to please them.

A descent is a movement downwards. A fuss is excited or annoyed behavior that is not useful in any way. A din is loud. If something is intrinsic. Judy was overworked. A superintendent is a person who runs a certain department or building. She won the race soundly. A kettle is a large metal pot used for boiling liquids or cooking food.

If someone is outspoken. If something is particular. To overwork someone means to make them tired with too much work. If something is pungent. A ministry is a government department. If something is done soundly. An ordeal is a bad experience. Exercise 1 Choose the one that is opposite in meaning to the given word. The cat waited outside the door and made a fuss until someone let her inside the house.

Please share your suggestions with the department leader so she can address them. Getting lost in the desert would have been quite an awful experience. The room just below the roof is on the third floor of the house. After toiling for hours in the hot sun. The movement downward from the mountain was because it had started to rain.

For her birthday. A thick. See that politician over there? He works in the Ministry of Truth. Write a word that is similar in meaning to the underlined part.

4000 Essential English Words 1 Full

The caffeine in the tea gave him more energy. The berries were not ripe when he tried them. Their taste was extremely sharp and strong. She was respected by many because she was not afraid to say what she thought. He always dreamed of getting a job with one of the departments of government. He said. A gourmet dinner was necessary for such a party. At last. His boss felt pity for the butler. There were not enough chairs for the guests to sit on. He boiled water in a kettle for soup and chopped some beef into chunks.

As he was sweeping the veranda. He wondered why his butler had made so many mistakes. Just as he was starting the soup. They started to make a fuss. Everything must be perfect. But on his descent. By this time. He had no idea the butler was so tired.

On any day the butler might make a mistake. First he went to the attic to get more chairs and tables. Peoplefrom the ministry are coming. He worked every day of the week and had fancy parties at his house every night.

The veranda was still dirty. Some guests were dissatisfied. How was the butler while the superintendent slept soundly and snored? The soup for the gourmet dinner tasted too pungent. How could the butler have avoided the entire ordeal?

The butler boiled caffeine in a kettle and chopped beef into chunks. Why was the party filled with a din of unhappy guests making a fuss? This particular party was important because people from the ministry were coming. Though the butler was outspoken. The Superintendent of Civic Projects cleaned late at night. On his descent from the attic.

To gasp means to make a noise by quickly breathing in when surprised. If something or someone is benign. Distress is the feeling of being upset or worried. If someone is apologetic. To negotiate means to try to make an agreement through discussion. To alternate means to switch back and forth between two things. UNIT 5 alternate fcritameit] v. To char means to burn something so that it turns black.

To ensue means to happen after something. To clarify means to make something easier to understand by explaining it. Mario and Joe took a long time negotiating the contract between the companies.

To restate something means to say it again or in a different way. A relay is a race in which teams of runners or swimmers race against each other. Reluctance is a feeling of not wanting to do something. Sesame is an herb that is grown for its small seeds and its oil. Persuasion is the act of making someone do or believe something. Jones restated the test question to the class.

To waver is to be unable to decide between two choices. Sip [sip] v. If someone is wary. An overdose is an instance of taking or havingtoo much of something.

The verge is the point at which something is about to happen. To sip something means to drink a small amount at a time. What might ensue after someone has misplaced a lot of money? It is red on the outside. A plate of rice c. Hungry 5. It is raw and not cooked enough. Unwilling c. The arrivalof a friend d.

Fine b. It is cooked perfectly. Arguing about a silly topic c. Frightened d. Laying on a bed 3. If people are negotiating. A visit from the doctor c. Falling asleep c. It is black on the outside. All the students doing their homework c. A glass of soda b. A worried search b. She felt apologetic a bo u t. What might cause someone to gasp? Her students all passing an exam. A bowl of fruit d. An overdose of something is a. If someone does something with reluctance. Scared c.

Her students not coming to class b. Excited b. Deciding on something b.

Getting a surprise party d. What does charred meat look like? Going on a date 7. Her students always arriving on time d. Eating too much b. Exercise 1 Choose the answer that best fits the question. Nervous 9. If you knew that a snake was benign. A party What is something that can be sipped?

A piece of chicken 4. Angry d. What might cause a teacher distress? Meeting for the first time d. He bit the middle of the chili. She wavered about whether to do it or not. She bit the bottom of the pepper. He gasped and his face alternated between brave and pained expressions. He asked.

Becky researched chilies. The next day she said in an apologetic voice. I bet I can take more bites of this chili than you. That night. He experienced an overdose of spice. Becky was wary of eating the pepper.

4000 Essential English Words Book 3 by Paul Nation

He was on the verge of tears and finally let out a horrible cry. The chili looked benign. Despite her reluctance. An argument ensued about eating chilies. She negotiated the details. Becky was having charred sesame chicken for lunch. The argument ensued because Becky wavered about whether to run the relay. Who warned Becky about chilies? Why did Becky take the bet in spite of her reluctance? After Russell and Becky negotiated the bet.

Becky was apologetic because of her choice to take the first bite of the pepper. Russell was wary about eating the pepper even if it looked benign. What did Russell do after he ate the chili? How did Becky know that Russell was in distress and had an overdose of spice after he ate the pepper?

Why did Russell have to restate the terms of the bet? To elude means to avoid being caught by something. A counterpart is something that is very similar to something else in what it does. When something or someone is devoid of a thing. If something goes ashore.

To contradict means to state the opposite of what someone else has. To fend off something means to push it away and avoid it. To diverge is to become different or to follow a different direction. Glen pulled his boat ashore. An embryo is a human or animal that is still growing inside its mother.

A gazette is a newspaper. When something is fictitious. To obstruct something means to get in its way. If something or someone is vigorous. If something is homogeneous. Obstruct [abstrAkt] v. To publicize is to make something get a lot of attention. To theorize means to develop ideas about something. To plunge means to move down into something very quickly. To prolong means to make something last for a longer time. To verify means to find out if something is true. If something is sparse.

Vigorous [vigaras] adj. A surplus is an extra amount of something. Elliot moved down into the water as soon as he arrived at the beach. A pool Which of the following is NOT used to obstruct sunlight? A baseball cap Exercise 2 Write a word that is similar in meaning to the underlined part.

The beads in the box were all the same. Curtains c. The concert was made well-known over the radio. Margaret collected shells that had come from the water to land on the beach. Oscar hid behind a tree to not get caught by the bully who was chasing him. What animal can survive ashore?

Humorous They hide in their shells. The amount of hair he had on his head was a small amount. A shark 2. They walk fast. Hiller had a spare amount of clothes. Content c. Lazy b. The philosopher developed an idea about what happens to good people. A car c. A telescope d. A cup d. Sunglasses b. How can someone devoid of any happiness be described?

They dig a hole in the ground. A goldfish d. Depressed 3. A school b. How do turtles elude predators? Human undeveloped babies grow inside the mother for up to nine months. What is something that people can plunge into? A dolphin b. An alligator c. They have sharp teeth.

Did you remember to take the hot pan off of the counterparti Class was prolonged because Shelly had a lot of questions. By the time she was done. I obstructed my brother from coming in by locking the door. They agreed about everything. The river diverged into three different channels.

Jason always contradicted what his friend said. I ate a light snack to fend off my hunger. Sheila publicized her party over the Internet. Andrew verified that his friends were coming to his house. In most cases. Komodo dragons are vigorous swimmers. Scientists theorize that Komodo dragons developed the ability because it helps the species fend off extinction.

When she comes ashore. Over time. Komodo dragons are giant lizards that grow up to two and a half meters long. It was discovered that female komodo dragons can have babies without the help of their male counterparts. After the scientists publicized their discovery. I Amazing Komodo Dragons Once. Scientists think that this may be how the lizards took over all of the islands in that area.

Once again there is a surplus of lizards on one island. But it was true. Scientists at a zoo made a discovery about komodo dragons. If the genes are homogeneous. So the surviving female can plunge into the ocean and swim to another island. For example.

This contradicts what scientists know about how most animals have babies. A female lizard at the zoo had babies. If a volcano erupts. This makes it necessary for the male to be involved. A female komodo dragon can increase a sparse population so that there are surplus lizards on one island. How can a female komodo dragon prolong the survival of the species in case of a disaster?

Why is it possible for a komodo dragon to come ashore at a different island? What will happen to the komodo bobies if the genes are homogeneous? According to the passage. People thought that the story publicized in the gazette about the komodo dragons was fictitious. Scientists theorize that the special ability of komodo dragons help them elude predators. Female komodo dragons can have babies without their male counterparts.

How do komodo dragons contradict what scientists know about reproduction? Dung is solid waste material produced by animals. If someone is deceased. An altar is a table used in churches.

To decipher writing is to figure out what it says. Deception is the act of lying or tricking someone. To gratify someone means to please them. Credible [kre d a b sl] adj. Botany is the study of plants. Dusk is the time in the evening when it begins to get dark. Hannah would catch fireflies in the park. If something or someone is credible.

Pneumonia is a dangerous illness causing the lungs to fill with liquid. If someone is psychotic. Strife is disagreement or fighting between people or groups. The scope of something is how many people or things it relates to. If something is ornate. To mash something is to crush it so that it is soft. If something is therapeutic.

If something or someone is sinister. Phoebe would take a therapeutic bath. To hone something is to improve it and make it very good. When someone is psychic. The hospital had a separate section for very mentally ill people. The journalist checked all her sources to make sure they were believable.

4000 Essential English Words, Book 1 By Paul Nation

People with an ailment affecting the joints are often unable to do physical activities. Cows release so much waste material that some scientists believe they harm the environment. Her new sweater was colorful and decorated. The priest stood behind a n table used in religious ceremonies. Some people think I have future seeing powers. Before she died. The text was written in at least three different ancient languages.

Many healing spells gave instructions on how to use herbs and plants that were believed to be therapeutic. A small part of the book. But botany was an important part of the magic. After many years. Some spells asked for unusual things. At dusk. Then he should mash different types of herbs and place them on top of it. Some spells also gave advice for treating people with mental illnesses. It is meant to cause strife and deception. The most common types of magic in the collection dealt with healing illnesses like pneumonia.

After it was found in the Egyptian desert. It gives advice for using dreams to tell the future. The book is about botany. The book gave advice for using crocodile dung to heal. What illnesses does the book have advice for healing? The Greek Magical Papyri was hard to decipher because it was too large in scope.

What does the sinister part of the book focus on? A spell is spoken at dusk to become more credible. What should someone do if they want to cure arthritis? What kind of plants does the book recommend using? What could someone ask a magician to do if their farm animals died? To deform something means to change it from its correct or original shape. If something is congested. Freight is a set of items carried on a train. If something is liable to happen.

Insomnia is a condition in which a person has difficulty sleeping. A courier is someone who takes and delivers mail or packages. Etiquette is the group of rules about how to be polite. A garment is a piece of clothing. If something is exclusive. Intuitive is knowing about something without naturally having support or proof. Ike obsessed about becoming a Jedi. A privilege is a special right given to only a certain person or group of people. To obsess about something means to think about it all of the time.

To suppress something means to prevent it from happening. A premium is a payment that is higher than average. Socialize [soujalaiz] v. To propel something means to push or move it somewhere. To warp means to become bent into the wrong shape.

When something is overboard. UNIT obsess [abses] v. A tram is a vehicle like a streetcar that runs on electricity above ground. To unsettle someone means to make them anxious or worried.

To socialize is to have a good time with people. The train was full of clothes that were to be sold overseas. After school. The warm weather had changed the ice sculptures into strange shapes. Dylan believed it to be his special right to be treated as superior to all the others.

After I saw the scary movie. A gust of wind blew her scarf over the edge of the boat while she was sailing. Dad says drinking milk before going to bed helps with a disorder that makes it hard to sleep. The wax candle twisted and formed a different shape because it was left in the sun. All of his best garments needed to be washed She has seen several doctors Write I if the word is used incorrectly Maxine suffers from insomnia..

When his teacher returned his test For example.. Between making deliveries. The weatherman said it was liable to rain over the entire weekend.. Allie could always count on her intuitive powers to know where her cat was.. He would have liked to socialize with the people inside.

All he needed to do was deliver a package to an office in New York City. That would have been a terrible disaster! As Kevin walked to his cabin. People looked at him as if he was crazy. Watch Out! Kevin stepped off the tram and walked toward the ship. Kevin felt relieved. When he boarded. People paid a premium for the privilege to ride in first-class.

He looked overboard. Kevin went back on deck. A giant iceberg was sticking out of the ocean in the distance! Now he knew to always trust his intuitive sense. It was cold and dark outside. Everybody inside was wearing fancy garments. He could also hear the motor humming as it waited to propel the ship forward. His room smelled bad.

Then Kevin saw it. He had been hired as a courier for an important broker. Kevin was unsettled by something. What did Kevin learn at the end of the story? What did Kevin see when he looked overboard the first time? While he was on the ship.

What did the captain do when he heard the news about the iceberg? In order to get the privilege to be in the exclusive section. Kevin took a taxi to the ship. Kevin could not sleep because he had insomnia.


The mainstream is a group of ideas that are considered normal and accepted. To impede something means to keep it from moving or going forward. To forage means to look around for food. If something is invalid. To induce something means to make it happen. If something or someone is elusive. An artery is a tube that takes blood from the heart to the rest of the body. To magnify something means to make it look bigger than it really is. Deterioration is the act of becoming worse. If two things are inseparable.

Stun [stAn] V. If something or someone is savage.

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